Name: Edith of Wessex, Parents: Godwin, Earl of Wessex Gytha Thorkelsdóttir, Birth: 1029, Marriage: 1045, Became Consort: Not crowned, Coronation: 4 January 1066Husband's death, Ceased to be Consort: 19 December 1075, Death: Westminster Abbey, Resting place: Edward the Confessor

Dataset List of English royal consorts - House of Wessex (restored, second time), 1042–1066

Data row number Name Parents Birth Marriage Became Consort Coronation Ceased to be Consort Death Resting place
1 Edith of Wessex Godwin, Earl of Wessex Gytha Thorkelsdóttir 1029 1045 Not crowned 4 January 1066Husband's death 19 December 1075 Westminster Abbey Edward the Confessor

Data Columns

Name Description Keywords Data Type
Name name text
Parents parents text
Birth birth text
Marriage marriage text
Became Consort consort, became text
Coronation coronation text
Ceased to be Consort to, be, consort, ceased text
Death death text
Resting place place, resting text