Circle of fifths - Structure and use - Modulation and chord progression

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Modulation and chord progression Tonal music often modulates by moving between adjacent scales on the circle of fifths. This is because diatonic scales contain seven pitch classes that are contiguous on the circle of fifths. It follows that diatonic scales a perfect fifth apart share six of their seven notes. Furthermore, the notes not held in common differ by only a semitone. Thus modulation by perfect fifth can be accomplished in an exceptionally smooth fashion. For example, to move from the C major scale F–C–G–D–A–E–B to the G major scale C–G–D–A–E–B–F♯, one need only move the C major scale's 'F' to 'F♯'. ♯ ♯ ♯ ♯ The circle can be easily used to find out the common chord progression for basic keys. The circle of fifths shows every major key with its corresponding minor key (of the Aeolian mode). This can be used as the vi chord in a progression. The V and IV chord can be found by moving clockwise and counterclockwise from the root chord respectively. The corresponding minor keys of the V and IV are the iii and ii respectively. The major and minor chords in each major key:

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Data row number No Name 0 I ii iii IV V vi

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
No Name 0 text
I text
ii text
iii text
IV text
V text
vi text

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