2008 New York Dragons season - Playoffs - National Conference Divisional: at (1) Philadelphia Soul

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. National Conference Divisional: at (1) Philadelphia Soul

Data Source : WIKIPEDIA
Number of Data columns : 6 Number of Data rows : 2
Categories : economy, demography, politics, knowledge


Data row number No Name 0 1 2 3 4 Total

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Name Description Data Type
No Name 0 text
1 integer
2 integer
3 integer
4 integer
Total integer

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T-90 - Design - Protection


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Protection The T 90 is fitted with a 'three tiered' protection system. The first tier is the composite armour in the turret, consisting of basic armour shell with an insert of alternating layers of aluminum and plastics and a controlled deformation section. The second tier is third generation Kontakt 5 ERA (explosive reactive armour) which significantly degrades the penetrating power of kinetic energy APFSDS ammunition; these ERA blocks give the turret its distinctive angled 'clam shell' appearance. ERA bricks are also located on the turret roof and provide protection from top attack weapons. The turret's forward armour package, in addition to the ERA and steel plating, contains a composite filler of Russian composite armour sandwiched between upper and lower steel plates. The composite armour results in a lower weight and improved protection when compared with steel only armour. The third tier is a Shtora 1 (Russian: Штора 1 or 'curtain' in English) countermeasures suite, produced by Elektromashina of Russia. This system includes two electro optical/IR 'dazzlers' (i.e. active infrared jammer) on the front of the turret (which gives the distinctive 'Red Eyes'), four laser warning receivers, two 3D6 'smoke' grenade discharging systems and a computerised control system. The Shtora 1 warns the tank's crew when the tank has been 'painted' by a weapon guidance laser and allows the crew to slew the turret to face the threat. The infrared jammer, the TShU1 7 EOCMDAS, jams the semiautomatic command to line of sight (SACLOS) guidance system used by some anti tank guided missiles. The smoke grenades are automatically launched after Shtora detects that it has been painted. The smoke grenades are used to mask the tank from laser rangefinders and designators as well as the optics of other weapons systems. Indian T 90S tanks are not equipped with the Shtora 1 countermeasures suite. They will be equipped with the LEDS 150 Land Electronic Defence System. In addition to the passive and active protection systems the T 90 is also fitted with nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protection equipment, KMT mine sweeps and an automatic fire suppression system. The EMT 7 electromagnetic counter mine system can also be installed on the T 90. EMT 7 emits an electromagnetic pulse to disable magnetic mines and disrupt electronics before the tank reaches them. The Nakidka signature reduction suite is also available for the T 90. Nakidka is designed to reduce the probabilities of an object to be detected by Infrared, Thermal, Radar Thermal, and Radar bands. During a reported test conducted by the Russian military in 1999 the T 90 was exposed to a variety of RPG, ATGM and APFSDS munitions. When equipped with Kontakt 5 ERA the T 90 could not be penetrated by any of the APFSDS or ATGM used during the trial and outperformed a T 80U which also took part. During combat operations in Dagestan, there were witness accounts of one T 90 sustaining seven hits from RPGs, and remaining in action. T 90MS mounts the more advanced 'Relikt' ERA. Relikt defends against tandem warheads, while reducing the penetration of APFSDS rounds by over 50 percent. It can be installed instead of Kontakt 1 or Kontakt 5. Estimated protection level comparison Estimated protection level comparison

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Sogdian language - Grammar - Nouns


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Nouns Light stems Light stems a a ā u ū ya yā Heavy stems Heavy stems Contracted stems Contracted stems

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- Utilisation et paramètres


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Utilisation et paramètres Ce modèle est utilisé pour indiquer un lien vers la liste des éditions d’un ouvrage.

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