1997 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team - Game summaries - Texas A&M

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Texas A&M Texas A&M vs Nebraska Texas A&M vs Nebraska

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2 integer
3 integer
4 integer
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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Draw The group seeds and match schedule were announced on 17 December 2015. The United States (Group A) were seeded as host, while Argentina (Group D) were seeded as the highest FIFA ranked team in the CONMEBOL region during December 2015. According to Soccer United Marketing, Brazil (Group B) and Mexico (Group C) were seeded as they were 'the most decorated nations in the last 100 years in international competitions from their respective confederations'. However, there was criticism for not including Uruguay, which won two World Cups and was the Copa América all time leader with 15 championships, or Chile, which were the defending Copa América champions going into the tournament. The draw took place on 21 February 2016 at 19:30 EST, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Teams were seeded using the FIFA Ranking from December 2015.  Argentina (1) Brazil (6) Mexico (22) United States (32) (hosts)  Argentina    Brazil    Mexico    United States   (hosts)  Chile (3) Colombia (8) Uruguay (11) Ecuador (13)  Chile    Colombia    Uruguay    Ecuador    Costa Rica (37) Jamaica (54) Panama (64) Haiti (77)  Costa Rica    Jamaica    Panama    Haiti    Paraguay (46) Peru (47) Bolivia (68) Venezuela (83)  Paraguay    Peru    Bolivia    Venezuela   The four group pots contained four positions each, one from each group, as follows:

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Basketball at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's tournament - Statistical leaders - Team tournament highs


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Team tournament highs Offensive PPG Offensive PPG 1 United States 115.5         Defensive PPG Defensive PPG 1  Brazil   69.8         Rebounds Rebounds 1 United States 44.6         Assists Assists

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Les autres The purpose of Les Autres sport classification is to allow for fair competition between people of different disability types. Les Autres sport classification is handled by International Sports Organization for the Disabled (ISOD). The Les Autres class of disabilities generally covers two classes. These are people with short stature and people with impaired passive range of movement. The latter is sometimes referred to as PROM. People with short stature have this issue as a result of congenital issues. PROM includes people with joint disorders including arthrogryposis and thalidomide. Most of the included specific conditions are for congential disorders. It also includes people with multiple sclerosis. This grouping does not include people with dislocated muscles or arthritis. There are a number of sports open to people who fit into Les Autres classes, though their eligibility often depends on if they have short stature or PROM. For people with short stature, these sports include equestrian, powerlifting, swimming, table tennis and track and field. For people with PROM, these sports include archery, boccia, cycling, equestrian, paracanoe, paratriathlon, powerlifting, rowing, sailing, shooting, swimming, table tennis, track and field, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair fencing and wheelchair tennis. LAF1, LAF2 and LAF3 are wheelchair classes, while LAF4, LAF5 and LAF6 are ambulant classes.

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