Best of the Super Juniors - 1993

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. 1993 The 1993 Top of the Super Juniors was an 11 man tournament held from May 26 to June 14. As the result of a four way tie for second place (Jushin Thunder Liger was also tied, but was eliminated due to injury), the four men held a playoff tournament to challenge first place Pegasus Kid (better known as Chris Benoit) in the final; this ended up being El Samurai, who would nonetheless fall against Pegasus Kid. Pegasus became the first foreign wrestler to win the tournament as a result. He also went on to challenge the champion Liger unsuccessfully on August 8. Eddie Guerrero participated in the 1992 tournament under his real name, but wrestled in the 1993 tournament as 'Black Tiger'

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