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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. H

Data Source : WIKIPEDIA
Number of Data columns : 2 Number of Data rows : 14
Categories : economy, demography, politics, knowledge


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Site text
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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. (−5,5)(−4,5)(−3,5)(−2,5)(−1,5)(0,5)(1,5)(2,5)(3,5)(4,5)(5,5)(−5,4)(−4,4)(−3,4)(−2,4)(−1,4)(0,4)(1,4)(2,4)(3,4)(4,4)(5,4)(−5,3)(−4,3)(−3,3)(−2,3)(−1,3)(0,3)(1,3)(2,3)(3,3)(4,3)(5,3)(−5,2)(−4,2)(−3,2)(−2,2)(−1,2)(0,2)(1,2)(2,2)(3,2)(4,2)(5,2)(−5,1)(−4,1)(−3,1)(−2,1)(−1,1)(0,1)(1,1)(2,1)(3,1)(4,1)(5,1)(−5,0)(−4,0)(−3,0)(−2,0)(−1,0)(0,0)(1,0)(2,0)(3,0)(4,0)(5,0)(−5,−1)(−4,−1)(−3,−1)(−2,−1)(−1,−1)(0,−1)(1,−1)(2,−1)(3,−1)(4,−1)(5,−1)(−5,−2)(−4,−2)(−3,−2)(−2,−2)(−1,−2)(0,−2)(1,−2)(2,−2)(3,−2)(4,−2)(5,−2)(−5,−3)(−4,−3)(−3,−3)(−2,−3)(−1,−3)(0,−3)(1,−3)(2,−3)(3,−3)(4,−3)(5,−3)(−5,−4)(−4,−4)(−3,−4)(−2,−4)(−1,−4)(0,−4)(1,−4)(2,−4)(3,−4)(4,−4)(5,−4)(−5,−5)(−4,−5)(−3,−5)(−2,−5)(−1,−5)(0,−5)(1,−5)(2,−5)(3,−5)(4,−5)(5,−5) The 12 cells (0, ±5), (±5, 0), (±3, ±4), (±4, ±3) are exactly on the circle, and 69 cells are completely inside, so the approximate area is 81, and π is calculated to be approximately 3.24 because ​81⁄52 = 3.24. Results for some values of r are shown in the table below: exactly on completely inside π 81⁄52 52 r rareaapproximation of π2133.253293.222224493.06255813.24103173.172012573.1425100314173.1417100031415493.141549

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2011 Cleveland Browns season - Off-season - Roster Changes


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Roster Changes Free Agency Free Agency F F The Browns placed the franchise tag on Dawson F Signings Signings Trades Trades

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2018 GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma - Results - Qualifying


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Qualifying

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