1996 United States Senate elections - Kansas

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Kansas Kansas election Pat Roberts 652,677 62.0% U.S. Senator before election Nancy KassebaumRepublican Elected U.S. Senator Pat RobertsRepublican Incumbent Republican Nancy Kassebaum decided to retire instead of seeking a fourth term. Republican Pat Roberts won the open seat, beating the Democratic Kansas State Treasurer Sally Thompson. Term limits were an issue during the campaign; while Roberts said that he was not totally opposed to term limits, he was wary of limits that did not apply to current members of Congress, saying that the proposed limits should apply to everyone. While Thompson signed the national term limits pledge from the group Americans for Limited Terms, Roberts declined to do so, becoming the only major party candidate for the U.S. Senate in the 1996 elections to not sign the pledge. However, he did say that 'I plan only to serve two terms in the U.S. Senate.' In 2014, he was elected to a fourth term in office. Democratic Party primary results Democratic Sally Thompson 121,476 100.00% 121,476 100.00% Republican primary results Republican Pat Roberts 245,411 78.21 313,789 100.00%

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