List of All-ECAC Hockey Teams - All-conference teams - Second Team

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Second Team 1960s 1960s 1970s 1970s 1980s 1980s 1990s 1990s

Data Source : WIKIPEDIA
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Categories : economy, demography, politics, knowledge


Data row number 1997–98

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1997–98 text

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ANSI escape code - Escape sequences


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Escape sequences Sequences have different lengths. All sequences start with ESC (27 / hex 0x1B / octal 033), followed by a second byte in the range 0x40–0x5F (ASCII @A–Z^ ).:5.3.a ESC ESC @A–Z^ 5.3.a The standard says that in 8 bit environments these two byte sequences can be merged into single C1 control code in the 0x80–0x9F range.:5.4.a However on modern devices those codes are often used for other purposes, such as parts of UTF 8 or for CP 1252 characters, so only the 2 byte sequence is used. 5.4.a Other C0 codes besides ESC — commonly BEL, BS, CR, LF, FF, TAB, VT, SO, and SI — produce similar or identical effects to some control sequences when output.

sequences, escape, code, c1, sequence

Viktorija Golubic - ITF finals - Doubles: 29 (14–15)


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Doubles: 29 (14–15)

15, doubles, 14, 29, finals

Mack and Mabel - Awards and nominations - Original London production


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Original London production

original, production, london, and, nominations