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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Deixis Nuxalk has a set of deictic prefixes and suffixes which serve to identify items as instantiations of domains rather than domains themselves and to locate them in deictic space. Thus the sentences wac̓ Ø ti ƛ̓ikm tx and ti wac̓ Ø ti ƛ̓ikm tx, both 'the one that's running is a dog', are slightly different similar to the difference between the English sentences 'the visitor is Canadian' and 'the visitor is a Canadian' respectively. wac̓ Ø ti ƛ̓ikm tx ti wac̓ Ø ti ƛ̓ikm tx The deixis system has a proximal/medial/distal and a non demonstrative/demonstrative distinction. Demonstratives may be used when finger pointing would be appropriate (or in distal space when something previously mentioned is being referred to). Proximal demonstrative space roughly corresponds to the area of conversation, and proximal non demonstrative may be viewed as the area in which one could attract another's attention without raising one's voice. Visible space beyond this is middle demonstrative, space outside of this but within the invisible neighborhood is medial non demonstrative. Everything else is distal, and non demonstrative if not mentioned earlier. The deictic prefixes and suffixes are as follows: Deictic suffixes Female affixes are used only when the particular is singular and identified as female; if not, even if the particular is inanimate, masculine or plural is used. The deictic prefixes only have a proximal vs. non proximal distinction, and no demonstrative distinction:

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