Armorial des communes du Gard - S

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. S Sabran De vair au chef losangé d'or et de sinople. Saint Alexandre De sable à la fasce losangée d'argent et d'azur. Saint Ambroix D'azur au château d'argent, ouvert et ajouré de deux fenêtres de sable, flanqué de deux grosses tours aussi d'argent, ajourées chacune d'une fenêtre aussi de sable. Différences entre dessin et blasonnement : . Saint André de Majencoules De gueules au sautoir alésé d'argent, au chef du même chargé d'une étoile accostée de deux croissants, tous de gueules.. Saint André de Roquepertuis Tranché de sinople à la grappe de raisin de gueules feuillée du champ, et de sinople au pont de trois arches d'argent sur des ondes d'azur mouvant de la pointe, sommé d'un village d'or surmonté d'un soleil naissant du même ; à la bande losangée d'or et de gueules d'une tire brochant sur la partition. Saint André de Valborgne D'azur au sautoir alésé d'argent. Saint André d'Olérargues D'azur au pal losangé d'or et du champ. Saint Bauzély D'azur à la fasce losangée d'argent et de gueules. Saint Bénézet D'argent à l'olivier de sinople surmonté d'une croisette haussée de gueules accostée des lettres S et B capitales du même.

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Golden Globe Award - Records - Film


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Film Actors with two or more acting awards in motion pictures Actors with two or more acting awards in motion pictures Meryl Streep Meryl Streep Meryl Streep The French Lieutenant's Woman Sophie's Choice The Devil Wears Prada Julie & Julia The Iron Lady Kramer vs. Kramer Adaptation. Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson Chinatown One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Prizzi's Honor As Good as It Gets About Schmidt Terms of Endearment George Clooney George Clooney George Clooney O Brother, Where Art Thou? The Descendants Syriana Rosalind Russell Rosalind Russell Rosalind Russell Sister Kenny Mourning Becomes Electra Auntie Mame A Majority of One Gypsy Shirley MacLaine Shirley MacLaine Shirley MacLaine The Apartment Irma la Douce Terms of Endearment Madame Sousatzka Tom Hanks Tom Hanks Tom Hanks Big Philadelphia Forrest Gump Cast Away Jack Lemmon Jack Lemmon Jack Lemmon Some Like It Hot The Apartment Avanti! 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Phonological history of Old English - Phonological processes - A-restoration


Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. A restoration After breaking occurred, short /æ/ (and in some dialects long /æː/ as well) was backed to /a/ () when there was a back vowel in the following syllable. This is called a restoration, because it partly restored original /a/, which had earlier been fronted to /æ/ (see above). (Note: The situation is complicated somewhat by a later change called second fronting, but this did not affect the standard West Saxon dialect of Old English.) /æ/ /æː/ /a/ a restoration /a/ /æ/ Because strong masculine and neuter nouns have back vowels in plural endings, alternations with /æ/ in the singular vs. /a/ in the plural are common in this noun class: /æ/ /a/ /æ/~/a/ A restoration occurred before the *ō of the weak verb suffix * ōj , although this surfaces in Old English as the front vowel i, as in macian 'to make' < *makōjan . ō ōj i macian makōjan Breaking (see above) occurred between a fronting and a restoration. This order is necessary to account for words like slēan 'to slay' (pronounced /slæːɑn/) from original *slahan: /ˈslahan/ > /ˈslæhan/ (a fronting) > /ˈslæɑhɑn/ (breaking; inhibits a restoration) > /ˈslæɑ.ɑn/ (h loss) > /slæːɑn/ (vowel coalescence, compensatory lengthening). slēan /slæːɑn/ slahan /ˈslahan/ /ˈslæhan/ /ˈslæɑhɑn/ /ˈslæɑ.ɑn/ /slæːɑn/ A restoration interacted in a tricky fashion with a fronting (Anglo Frisian brightening) to produce e.g. faran 'to go' from Proto Germanic *faraną but faren 'gone' from Proto Germanic *faranaz. Basically: faran *faraną faren *faranaz

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