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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. At Eurovision In previous years, if a country placed in the top 10 countries in the final they automatically qualified to the final of the next contest. Had this rule remained for the 2008 contest, Armenia would have directly qualified for the final. However, a change in rules due to the large intake of countries participating in the contest meant that only five countries, the host country and the Big 4 countries, would automatically qualify to the final. As such, Armenia were forced to compete in one of the two semi finals of the 2008 contest in Serbia. At the first semi final, held on May 20, Sirusho performed 14th, following Bosnia & Herzegovina and preceding the Netherlands.Armenia qualified to the final, placing second in the semi final and scoring 139 points. In the final, Sirusho performed 5th following Germany and preceding Bosnia and Herzegovina. She finished fourth with 199 points, the highest number of points in all of Armenia's Eurovision entries until 2016, when a new voting system was used.

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Data row number 12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points

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12 points text
10 points text
8 points text
7 points text
6 points text

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