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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Design and production The M Gerät weighed 42 metric tons (42 t), had a maximum range of 9,300 metres (10,200 yd), and a maximum barrel elevation of 65°. The gun stood 4.5 m (14 ft 9 in) tall, 10 m (32 ft 10 in) long, and 4.7 m (15 ft 5 in) wide, while the barrel itself was 5.04 m (16 ft 6 in) long. The M Gerät was two thirds the weight of the Gamma Gerät, but had 30% less range and was less accurate. This reduction in weight was accomplished by shrinking the Gamma's barrel and thinning its walls, while installing a simpler sliding wedge breech. The five wagons that a disassembled M Gerät (each designed to hold a specific load) took up could not be pulled by horses or tractors, as they weighed 16–20 metric tons (16–20 t). To pull the wagons, gas powered tractors were designed by Podeus that could move the guns at 7 km/h (4.3 mph) under optimal circumstances. To move across open country, the wagon wheels were fitted with articulations called Radgürteln to reduce their ground pressure. When fully emplaced, the howitzer was stabilised by steel platforms under the wheels and its spade, driven into the earth, which could also turn the gun. The spade would have to be pulled out of the ground to traverse past its 4° radius. Post prototype M Gerät guns had a crew platform in front of the blast shield, a detachable breech, and solid wheels. The APK ordered the first M Gerät in July 1912, delivered the following December, and a second in February 1913. Another two guns were ordered before the First World War on 31 July 1914, and then two more on 28 August and yet another pair on 11 November. Krupp built a total of 12 M Gerät howitzers. Radgürteln The 30.5 cm Beta M Gerät, designated the schwere Kartaune L/30, was developed in late 1917 to replace M Gerät guns that had been rendered inoperable by premature detonation of shells. To increase the range of the M Gerät and lower the likelihood of premature detonation, the APK selected a 9 metre long (29 ft 6 in), 16 metric ton (16 t) naval barrel to be mounted onto the chassis of the M Gerät. Two large spring cylinders were added to the front of the gun to counterbalance the new barrel, which had to be carried in a new carriage weighing 22 t (22 t). Fully assembled, the Beta M Gerät weighed 47 t (47 t) and had a maximum range of 20,500 metres (22,400 yd). The propellant used to achieve that range caused three of the four Beta M Gerät guns to explode, forcing their crews to limit its range by 4,000 metres (4,400 yd), defeating the purpose of the longer L/30 barrel. Only four Beta M Gerät guns were modified from two M Gerät guns and two Gamma Gerät guns (a one to two month long process per gun), but 12 L/30 barrels were built. schwere Kartaune

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