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Banking crisis dummy (1=banking crisis, 0=none) Source: Global Financial Development A banking crisis is defined as systemic if two conditions are met: a. Significant signs of financial distress in the banking system (as indicated bysignificant bank runs, losses in the banking system, and/or bank liquidations), b. Significant banking policy intervention measures in response to significant losses in the banking system. The first year that both criteria are met is considered as the year when the crisis start becoming systemic. The end of a crisis is defined the year before both real GDP growth and real credit growth are positive for at least two consecutive years. Luc Laeven and Fabián Valencia, 2012. “Systemic Banking Crises Database: An Update”, IMF Working Paper WP/12/163

Data Source : WORLD BANK
Number of Data columns : 8 Number of Data rows : 12400
Categories : development


Data row number indicator id indicator name country id country name country ISO 3 Code date value decimal

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
indicator id text
indicator name text
country id text
country name text
country ISO 3 Code text
date integer
value integer
decimal integer

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