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LLECE: Female 6th grade students by science proficiency level (%). Level 3 Source: Education Statistics Percentage of 6th grade female students scoring at least 590.29 but lower than 704.75 points on the LLECE science scale. At Level 3, students can 1) explain everyday situations on the basis of scientific evidence; 2) use simple descriptive models to interpret natural phenomena; and 3) draw conclusions from the description of experimental activities. Data reflects country performance in the stated year according to LLECE reports. Consult the LLECE website for more detailed information: Latin American Laboratory for Assessment of the Quality of Education (LLECE)

Data Source : WORLD BANK
Number of Data columns : 7 Number of Data rows : 17150
Categories : development


Data row number indicator id indicator name country id country name date value decimal

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
indicator id text
indicator name text
country id text
country name text
date integer
value double precision
decimal integer

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