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Transport services (% of commercial service imports) Source: World Development Indicators Transport services (% of commercial service imports) covers all transport services (sea, air, land, internal waterway, space, and pipeline) performed by residents of one economy for those of another and involving the carriage of passengers, movement of goods (freight), rental of carriers with crew, and related support and auxiliary services. Excluded are freight insurance, which is included in insurance services; goods procured in ports by nonresident carriers and repairs of transport equipment, which are included in goods; repairs of railway facilities, harbors, and airfield facilities, which are included in construction services; and rental of carriers without crew, which is included in other services. International Monetary Fund, Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook and data files.

Data Source : WORLD BANK
Number of Data columns : 8 Number of Data rows : 15550
Categories : development


Data row number indicator id indicator name country id country name country ISO 3 Code date value decimal

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
indicator id text
indicator name text
country id text
country name text
country ISO 3 Code text
date integer
value double precision
decimal integer

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