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Export: Animals and vegetable oil, fat and waxes (province Level, in USD) Source: Indonesia Database for Policy and Economic Research BADAN PUSAT STATISTIK Statistics Indonesia, Unpublished statistics on Sub National Trade

Data Source : WORLD BANK
Number of Data columns : 6 Number of Data rows : 22450
Categories : development


Data row number indicator id indicator name country name date value decimal

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Data Columns

Name Description Data Type
indicator id text
indicator name text
country name text
date integer
value bigint
decimal integer

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Structured data parsed from Wikipedia. Carcasses Cabinet, 2013–14 On 23 March 2013, following Sato Kilman's resignation, Parliament elected Moana Carcasses Kalosil as Prime Minister. Carcasses named the following Cabinet. He abolished the Ministry of Civil Aviation, re established the pre existing Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, merged the Ministry of Ni Vanuatu Business Development and the Ministry of Trade into a new Ministry of Tourism and Commerce, and created a new Ministry of Planning and Climate Change, in line with his being the country's first government leader from the Green Confederation. In May 2013, Carcasses sacked his Finance Minister, Willie Jimmy, 'amid reports the veteran politician was in talks with the opposition about a possible defection', which Jimmy denied. Maki Simelum, who had been Minister for Justice, replaced him, while Silas Yatan (Greens, MP for Tanna) was given the Justice portfolio. On 5 July, Yatan himself was shuffled out of the ministry, a day after having publicly suggested that the death penalty should be reinstated to deter murderers. Carcasses rejected the suggestion, and made Yatan his parliamentary secretary, entrusting the Justice portfolio to Green MP Daniel Toara. The change was reportedly made to 'lend balance to the regional distribution of portfolios, to ensure Shefa Province had a portfolio'. On 11 July, Trade Minister Marcellino Pipite was sacked, for having reportedly supported a failed motion of no confidence against the government that he was a part of. On 3 August, Daniel Toara was reshuffled to the vacant position of Minister for Trade, Tourism and Commerce, and Jonas James, until then the first deputy Speaker, was appointed Minister for Justice. On 27 December 2013, Interior Minister Patrick Crowby died, after several days in hospital for unspecified causes, at the age of 55. On 20 February 2014, backbencher Christophe Emelee (MP for Torba; head of the Vanuatu National Party) was sworn in to replace him. On 26 February, following the defection of government MPs to the Opposition (including Justice Minister Jonas James), Carcasses reshuffled his Cabinet to offer positions to Opposition members. Four Opposition MPs joined his government, in exchange for Cabinet positions. Stephen Kalsakau (Reunification of Moderate Parties) was appointed Minister of Climate Change. Paul Telukluk (Reunification of Moderate Parties) became Minister for Internal Affairs, replacing Christophe Emelee, who was reshuffled to the position of Minister for Justice. Daniel Toara was dismissed from his position as Minister for Trade, to make way for Willie Jimmy (Liberal Party). Tony Wright (Union of Moderate Parties), who had been Minister for Youth and Sports before defecting to the Opposition, regained his position upon re defecting to the government. Thus, this was Carcasses' final Cabinet line up before the fall of his government on 15 May 2014:

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