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Product Safety Notification
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The toy releases an excessive amount of bisphenol A (measured value up to 0.2 mg/l). Bisphenol A has endocrine disrupting properties and affects the mammary glands, reproductive and immune systems and may impair the brain's development and create adverse behavioural outcomes in children.

Product Name

Daisy Dek Bonny Bob & Boo

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Bath toy

Product Description

Set of five rubber ducks made of plastic: one large green duck, one large yellow duck, one small grey duck, one small blue duck and one small fuchsia duck.

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Product Compliance Monitoring Solutions

The European Union mandates market participants to monitor product compliance as per the 2019/1020 regulation. According to this regulation, market participants have an obligation to dedicate resources to compliance monitoring.

Basedig provides services to monitor and detect potentially hazardous products on e-commerce websites and market places. Basedig collects data bases of product safety notifications, and forbidden products or substances. Basedig provides a unified access to this database and scans product descriptions on web sites to detect potential issues.

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