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Software for EU Product Compliance Monitoring


Reduce Compliance Liability Risk

Automate Compliance Processes with Big Data

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Product compliance made easy

with Basedig's Compliance Monitor software

Stay compliant with EU Regulation 2019/1020

We know staying compliant with EU Regulation 2019/1020 can be complicated, time consuming and resource intensive. That's why we created a software service dedicated to product compliance monitoring for EU Regulation 2019/1020, which is a part of the European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA). Our product simplifies the regulatory compliance process by helping companies identify and analyze potential risks associated with their online product portfolio.

A data service for product compliance monitoring

Basedig’s Compliance Monitor collects data about dangerous products and substances from numerous sources reported by official authorities and helps identifying potential risks on website content.

Reduce compliance liability risk

Basedig’s compliance monitor reduces significantly the liability risk for fulfillment service providers as defined by the EU regulation 2019/1020. Indeed, these service providers have now an obligation of means in terms of compliance monitoring and must cooperate with market authorities.

Compliance made easy with dedicated APIs

Our product is easy to use and provides a comprehensive dashboard to monitor product compliance. The product provides a product and ingredients database accessible through APIs which you can query to search for specific dangerous products or ingredients.

Scanning product content on websites for compliance

Furthermore, Basedig provides a scanning service for the automated analysis of product content on marketplaces and e-commerce websites.

Software for Compliance Monitoring
EU Regulation 2019/1020

Automated collection of hazardous products or substances lists

Product sheet scanning and monitoring

Market Place Product Compliance Monitoring
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