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Improve Confort, Save Energy

Automated Notifications and Optimizations

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Monitor air conditions for greater confort and energy savings

With the Basedig platform and Sensoriis devices

Monitor more than 20 dimensions

Basedig and Sensoriis monitor regularly up to 20 key air quality indicatoris, such as temperature, humidity, CO2 or VOC concentration.

Set-up notifications on your own criteria and inform your user base

Basedig's platform enables you to define custom criteria for notifications, which can be sent to users of your choice.

Optimize energy savings

Thanks to its data analytics, Basedig enables building operators to save energy by adapting heating and ventilation to the real usage of occupants.

Integrate with your IT systems

The platform's data interfaces enable a rapid connection to your IT systems, including the most common APIs.

Software for electronic components and semi conductor procurement
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Sensoriis multi-function and multi-protocol air quality sensor. Up to 20 key indicators in real time

Real time dashboards and notification management

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