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Basedig provides a comprehensive solution to manage IOT devices, including the following features:

    -Device Data Collection

    -Dashboard and   Visualization

    -Alerts and Notifications

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Basedig's RFQ Automator enables manufacturing companies to dramatically reduce their procurement overhead while cutting costs and lead times. Basedig's RFQ Automator connects to the world leading's supplier databases to provide real time pricing and availability information.

Basedig's artificial intelligence solutions provides optimal sourcing recommendations based on the collected data.

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Field Mapping

Most corporates in the world have heterogeneous IT systems and data bases. Corporates often need to match data bases from different subsidiaries and sources, which is a very tedious and time consuming process.

Basedig's advanced Field Mapping solutions, dramatically accelerate the Field Mapping process by identifying automatically which fields of distinct data bases match each other.

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Financial Analysis

Basedig's financial analysis module enables the automated analysis of historical transactionnal data (as reported in accounting documents) and provides key financial insights and trends.

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