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Sourcing components semi conductor


Check if your components are discontinued

Avoid delivery disruptions and find replacement parts

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Basedig "Supply Safe" automatically checks if your bill of material contains discontinued or "end of life" components

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Identify discontinued components with Basedig

With Basedig's Supply Safe application:

Scan your components databases to identify risks of disruptions

Basedig reads your BOM files or connects to your databases to identify discontinued or "end of life" components

Find potential replacement parts

Component manufacturers can recommend replacement parts. If there are no recommendations, Basedig can identify parts with similar specifications and suggest potential replacement parts

Check on Basedig's multi supplier database

Basedig builds and maintains a database of discontinued parts of numerous suppliers. If one of your suppliers is not already scanned, Basedig can develop a customer collector tailored to your needs.

Software for electronic components and semi conductor procurement

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