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Because everything starts with proper data

Data Solutions
for your
Business Performance


Numerous sources of data are available today: internal data from ERPs, databases and spreadsheets, external data from the open data initiative or from countless data providers. This data can be in numerous formats such as: CSV, XLSX, JSON, HTML, XML. Collecting the data from these formats is very time consuming and is not your focus.

Basedig provides a comprehensive library of data collectors each of those formats. The collectors generate metadata and save the datasets in a unified format which includes data and metadata. The formated data is very easy to use for other tasks.


Data so what ? Of course, access to data only makes senses if it helps you make better business decisions: boost sales, reduce costs, streamline your operations. Basedig provides data science services and tools for traditional statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our skills in languages such as R, Golang or Python, and machine learning libraries enable us to provide the right solution very effectively.

It is not only about maths: it is about business performance ! Our structured processes based on years of consulting and business experience with top international firms benefits directly your organization


Basedig’s framework is an industrial grade framework with an integrated data pipeline, from data collection to storage, visualization and decision making with machine learning and AI tools.


This framework enables us to rapidly develop and operate tailor made solutions which will meet your very specific needs. Basedig can interface with all corporate software solutions including databases, ERPs, CRMs or proprietary software.

Being developed in Golang, Google’s last generation language, Basedig provides industrial grade reliability and scalability.


A hands on, result oriented and pragmatic approach

Our team is made of seasoned professionals with tangible business experience in their respective fields. We know that the ingredients of success are 5% inspiration, 95% implementation. This is why we do not limit our missions to simple strategic analysis: we provide you with tangible results in the form of data sets or software solutions that meet your needs.




Our company quickly needed a solution to manage our IOT Air quality sensors. Basedig delivered a customized turnkey solution which perfectly met our needs

Benjamin Pfeiffer

Business Manager, ID Tronic

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