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From data collection to advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, we provide comprehensive data solutions for your business

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Your time is too precious to collect or format data ! We founded Basedig because we have one conviction: the revolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning begins with access to proper data. Our software platform collects, cleans, formats and indexes data to make it easily available and usefull for your business. Data sources can be internal or external, public or proprietary. Once one Basedig, the data is structured and can be accessed simply by download, by queries or APIs. Using Basedig saves your company and your data scientists precious time and ressource, enabling you to focus on what really matters: your business performance.

Data Collection

Numerous sources of data are available today: internal data from ERPs, databases and spreadsheets, external data from the open data initiative or from countless data providers. This data can be in numerous formats such as: CSV, XLSX, JSON, HTML, XML. Collecting the data from these formats is very time consuming and is not your focus.

Basedig provides a comprehensive library of data collectors each of those formats.The collectors generate metadata and save the datasets in a unified format which includes data and metadata. The formated data is very easy to use for other tasks.

Advanced Analytics

Data so what ? Of course, access to data only makes senses if it helps you make better business decisions: boost sales, reduce costs, streamline your operations. Basedig provides data science services and tools for traditional statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our skills in languages such as R, Golang or Python, and machine learning libraries enable us to provide the right solution very effectively.

It is not only about maths: it is about business performance !
Our structured processes based on years of consulting and business experience with top international firms benefits directly your organization


What type of data is the best suitable for the task ? Where can one get the proper data ? How should one prepare and store the data once collected ? What algorithms are best suitable to solve a specific problem ? Leveraging data to boost your business performance requires proper skills for your team. Basedig offers data science for business training sessions to help your team seize the opportunities provided by the data revolution. We cover topics such as data strategy, analytics (using R, Python, Golang), advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We focus on potential business applications of data science processes and algorithms.

Hands on consulting approach


A hands on, result oriented and pragmatic approach

Our team is made of seasonned professionnals with tangible business experience in their respective fields. We know that the ingredients of success are 5% inspiration, 95% implementation. This is why we do not limit our missions to simple strategic analysis: we provide you with tangible results in the form of data sets or software solutions that meet your needs.


Basedig's complementary team provides a unique level of skills and international business experience in leading firms in their sectors: strategic consulting, digital marketing, investing and data science.

Emmanuel Daugeras

Emmanuel Daugeras


Emmanuel Daugeras brings a long experience in management, business analytics and investment.
Emmanuel has significant expertise in digital marketing, advanced analytics and software development, with a life long interest for machine learning and AI.
Emmanuel is a native French speaker and is fluent in English and German
He is a graduate of the Ecole Centrale Paris, the RWTH Aachen and of INSEAD

Jean Dominique Rey

Jean-Dominique Rey

Business Development

Jean Dominique Rey is a seasonned manager with a long experience in IT services and consulting (BCG).
He has a specific expertise in operations, procurement and supply chain.
Jean Dominique holds a Ms.Sc. of SUPELEC and an INSEAD MBA

Joel Armary

Joël Armary

Strategic Advisor

Joël has 30 years of experience in Senior Management and CEO positions in retail, luxury and services.
He has significant experience in branded goods, growth strategy and change management.
He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, and an engineering degree from Ecole Centrale Paris.
A native French speaker, Joël is very fluent in English. He has worked for companies in France, Belgium, Europe, U.S. and Asia-Pacific.